The two villages -Megalo (Big) Papigo and Mikro (Small) Papigo- with their pavements and the stone made houses are offered for long walks and relaxation, while the warm hospitality of the little shops waits for you, with hot drinks and homemade pies.

In Megalo Papigo you can visit the church of S.Vlasios (built on 1852 in the place of the older one of 912) with its 15m high hexagonal bell tower. In Mikro Papigo there is the church of Taxiarhes, which is a national landmark.
Walking on the old path that connects Megalo Papigo and Mikro Papigo, at Lakkos you will find the one-stringer stone bridge, made in 1854. Between the two villages at Rogovo, the river has formed at its bed some round-shaped cavities that are similar to very small lakes. The 'ovires' or pools are where, during the summer anyway, visitors can enjoy a swim in the cold water!

Those who love walking, they can visit Drakolimni (at 2.050m), Gamila (at 2.497m), the top of Astraka mountain (at 2.437m). Or the mountain lodge (at 1.950m). The paths to Vikos Gorge, or from the fountain of Voidomatis to Vikos Village or to Monodendri, also start from Papigo. Lovers of water sport can cross the Vikos Gorge by rafting, kayaking or canoeing on the Voidomatis river, from the bridge of Papigo to the bridge of Klidonia in Konitsa

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